Winning Steps South West has begun hosting Arts & Crafts sessions. These sessions have already proven popular among the local community, as well as with some of our Veterans! 

TWCS held an open studio in the Summer of '21, hosting the works of those who'd gotten involved in our sessions. The experience ranged from beginners to pro, but the fun was equally shared, so whether you've never picked up a paintbrush, or you've been making glass sculptures for decades, we'll have something for you to enjoy!

Our sessions are hosted in a variety of locations, so if you wish to get involved, you will have to sign up. to do so, contact Sue via email, at [email protected]

Getting Involved

Though we are primarily an education setting, we often host events that you may sign up to! These events include Arts & Crafts, Open Studios, Cooking and more, so keep your eyes out for updates in our upcoming events page!

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